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Optometrist Caringbah

Welcome to IC Optometrist, your source for first-rate optometrist services near Caringbah and surrounding regions. As premier eye healthcare professionals, we are committed to providing comprehensive eye tests and dry eye treatments not only for Caringbah residents, but also Loftus locals. Our AHPRA qualified optometrists use cutting-edge technology to support your vision health.

Specialised Eye Testing near Caringbah

At IC Optometrist, every journey to clear vision begins with an extensive eye test. Our Caringbah optometrists perform thorough examinations using state-of-the-art equipment to catch even the most minute potential problems. We delve beyond basic vision issues and conduct an in-depth health check-up for your eyes. Whether it's macular degeneration, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy, we have you covered.


Technology plays a significant role in our practice. We use advanced machines like the OCT scanner, DNEYE scanner, Medmont Visual Field analyser, Blephex tool, Goldmann and NCT tonometry and Rodenstock Impressionist tool to offer you the most detailed eye examination. Our goal is to ensure your eyes are in top-notch health and any potential issues are identified early before becoming serious health concerns.


Visiting our practice for eye tests can give you peace of mind knowing we leave no stone unturned. We understand the importance of good vision and its impact on your lifestyle and overall well-being. That's why we maintain a high standard of care at all stages of your eye examination.

Rodenstock DNEye scan
OCT imaging

Effective Dry Eye Treatments near Caringbah

Dealing with dry eyes can be quite uncomfortable and interfere with your daily activities. At IC Optometrist, we provide tailored treatment plans dedicated to restoring moisture and alleviating your discomfort. Proudly serving Caringbah and Loftus, we make it our mission to help locals combat dry eye issues.


Before we initiate any treatment plan, we emphasise understanding the cause of the dry eye condition. Our optometrists recommend dietary modifications, precautions against environmental triggers, and prescribe eye medication, if required, to treat dry eyes systematically.


Our highly skilled team believes that every patient deserves to see clearly without any discomfort. Trust in us to transform your life for the better with effective dry eye treatments in Caringbah.

Why Choose IC Optometrist near Caringbah?

  • Access to highly trained and AHPRA qualified optometrists

  • Comprehensive eye examinations using the latest equipment

  • Timely and effective treatment of dry eyes

  • Personalised lens recommendations

  • Full suite of spectacle repair services

  • Robust customer support in a friendly environment

  • Convenient online appointment bookings

  • Easy access with ample parking facilities

  • Detailed eye assessments through digital retinal imaging

  • Trust of locals for decades

  • Collaborative care with other health professionals


Our ambition is to make optometry services accessible and hassle-free for everyone in Caringbah and Loftus, hence we strive to ensure that visiting an optometrist never feels like a chore.

Rodenstock Impressionist measurements

Contact IC Optometrist Today

Experience a better vision with IC Optometrist, your trustworthy eye care provider near Caringbah. Give us a call at 02 9526 1819 today to schedule an appointment or use our user-friendly online booking system. We are excited to help you see the world in a clearer way!

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