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Contact Lenses Loftus

At IC Optometrist, we offer top-quality contact lenses for residents of Loftus and the surrounding areas of Kirrawee and Miranda. It’s our pleasure to provide personalised solutions for better vision. Our expert optometrists are here to deliver the best contact lens options, ensuring they are comfortable, and suit your lifestyle and visual needs.

Fast and Easy Contact Lens Fittings

IC Optometrist proudly offers comprehensive contact lens fittings. We understand that each person has a unique eye shape and lifestyle. Our experts take the time to conduct thorough eye tests to identify the perfect fitting contact lenses for you. Our advanced tools and technology enable us to recommend the best products from Contact lens suppliers such as J&J, Coopervision and Alcon.


We know that you have a busy schedule. We make our tests speedy, ensuring your contact lens fitting doesn't disrupt your day. The fitting process includes a fast and easy lens trial before purchase, ensuring optimal comfort and clarity. We can also deliver your prescription contact lenses direct to your door with free, fast and secure delivery.

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Transform Your Vision With Quality Lenses

We stock a broad range of contact lens types. Regardless of whether you're nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism or need multifocal lenses, we have solutions tailored to your needs. We even offer contact lenses for children for myopia to control and slow down the rate of myopia progression.


We continuously update our selection, ensuring we meet the changing needs and preferences of our clients in Loftus, Kirrawee, and Miranda. We also offer fashionable coloured lenses for those looking for a fun change. Consult with our experts now, and let us help you find the perfect contact lenses to enhance not just your vision, but your confidence too.

How to Maintain Your Contact Lenses?

Maintaining the proper care of your contact lenses is vital for maintaining eye health, and here at IC Optometrists, we provide our clients with the guidance they need. Always remember to clean your lenses thoroughly before and after use, using only the solution recommended by your optometrist.


Moreover, it's essential to replace your lenses as suggested by your eye expert. Over-wearing can lead to discomfort and potential damage. If you experience any eye discomfort, remove your lenses and seek immediate advice from our specialists.

Contact Lens Solutions for Every Lifestyle

Lens options range from daily disposables to more long-term varieties, based on your lifestyle. And as lifestyle differs from one Loftus resident to another, we provide consultation on the most suitable lens type for you. Whether you're an athlete requiring lenses that can endure physical activities, or an office worker needing lenses that can withstand screen use, we have a solution for you.

Why Choose IC Optometrist for Contact Lenses near Loftus?​

  • AHPRA qualified optometrists delivering comprehensive eye services.

  • Wide variety of Contact lens brands from suppliers such as J&J, CooperVision and Alcon

  • On-hand experts providing personalised lens recommendations and professional guidance.

  • A quick and thorough contact lens fitment process for Loftus residents and surrounding areas.

  • A flexible and convenient online appointment booking system for easy access to our services.


Selecting IC Optometrist means selecting a partner that cares for your vision as much as you do. Call 02 9526 1819 to book your fitting, or schedule your appointment using our easy online system. Let us provide you with the clarity you deserve.

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  • What services does IC Optometrist offer for dry eyes?
    IC Optometrist offers specialised treatment for dry eyes, which is customised to individual needs. We use advanced technology and high-tech equipment for diagnosis and treatment, offering lasting relief from discomfort.
  • Why should I choose IC Optometrist for my dry eye condition?
    IC Optometrist is renowned for taking a differentiated approach to dry eye treatment near Engadine. Our AHPRA qualified, experienced professionals utilise the latest technology and offer convenient appointment booking options. Plus, our practice is conveniently located with ample parking facilities.
  • How can IC Optometrist help with the early detection of dry eyes?
    IC Optometrist uses advanced diagnostic tools like the OCT machine, Medmont Visual Field analyser and Goldmann and NCT tonometry tools. These can help detect signs of dry eye conditions before symptoms start to appear, enabling effective management.
  • What can I do to prevent dry eyes near Engadine?
    To prevent dry eyes, we recommend reducing screen time, using artificial tears if prescribed, remembering to blink often, and wearing sunglasses outdoors to protect against the sun and wind.
  • How can I book an appointment with IC Optometrist for dry eyes?
    You can book an appointment with IC Optometrist for dry eyes either through our convenient online booking system or by calling us directly at 02 9526 1819.

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