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Optometrist Jannali

Welcome to IC Optometrist, your trusted optometrist near Jannali. Here, we strive to provide our clients with exceptional eye care services. With our AHPRA qualified optometrists, we conduct comprehensive eye tests, diagnose conditions and provide effective solutions for all your eye care needs.

Eye Tests near Jannali - Your Vision, Our Mission

Professional eye care is more than just prescribing glasses or contacts. At IC Optometrist, we specialise in conducting comprehensive eye tests near Jannali, ensuring that your vision and eye health is perfect as can be. Our eye tests go beyond basic checks to identify potential eyesight conditions early. Using advanced equipment and technology, our services are designed to handle common problems such as dry eyes, macular degeneration, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy for residents in Jannali and across the state.


Our eye tests incorporate cutting-edge technology like the OCT machine, DNEYE scanner, Medmont Visual Field analyser, Blephex tool, Goldmann and NCT tonometry and Rodenstock Impressionist tool. These advancements allow us to offer accurate, thorough and efficient eye tests.


We also offer services to Mirada, Loftus, and Sutherland residents. With our highly professional eye care services, no matter where you live, we are ready to address all your vision care needs.

Personalised Dry Eye Solutions

Suffering from dry eyes can greatly limit your day-to-day activities, and we at IC Optometrist understand how uncomfortable it can be. We have an effective treatment plan specifically designed for residents suffering from dry eyes in Jannali. We handle every case uniquely, giving personalised attention to every client.


With our extensive understanding of the causes and triggers of dry eyes, we will assist you in adopting an environment and diet that will minimise the recurrence of the condition. If necessary, we will recommend prescription medication to aid your recovery. Our ultimate goal is to restore comfort, ensuring that you can see the world clearly without any irritation or discomfort.

Comprehensive Eye Care near Jannali

Our eye care services are not only limited to eye tests and dry eye remedies but also extends to providing high-quality optical dispensing services, glasses repair, and personalised lens recommendations. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive eye care services to Jannali residents.


Our optical dispensing services entail offering a wide range of trendy, stylish, and durable glasses that cater to various tastes and preferences. We also offer repair services, ensuring that you won't have to replace your glasses every time they get damaged. Our personalised lens recommendations mean that we can always help you find the perfect lens that caters to your specific needs and lifestyle.

Why Choose Optometrist Jannali, IC Optometrist?

  • AHPRA qualified optometrists equipped with contemporary knowledge of eye care.

  • Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide accurate and efficient eye tests.

  • High-quality optical dispensing services with a variety of stylish and top-quality glasses for different age groups.

  • Excellent customer service cultivated to make you feel valued.

  • Convenient online appointment booking system, allowing you to schedule visits at your convenience.

  • Our location is easy to access, with ample parking.

  • Digital retinal imaging that allows detailed eye assessments.

  • We've been serving the community since 1985, establishing trust and expertise.

  • We collaborate with other health professionals for more comprehensive eye care.

  • Constant professional development to stay knowledgeable about new eye care research.

Get in Touch Today!

Residents of Jannali, your eyes deserve the very best, and we are here to provide it. So, whether you're due for your annual eye test, or simply looking to address dry eyes, IC Optometrist is the perfect place. To book an appointment, call us at 02 9526 1819, or better yet, use our online booking system for fast, efficient scheduling.


Don't postpone this vital aspect of your health. Give your eyes the expert attention they deserve at IC Optometrist.

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