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Optometrist Kirrawee Services

Welcome to IC Optometrist, your reliable optometrist near Kirrawee. We've been serving the Gymea community since 1985, and now we extend our premier eye health services to the residents of Kirrawee, Loftus, and Dolans Bay. Our AHPRA qualified optometrists are ready to assist you with eye examinations, dry eye treatments and other eye-related issues.

Comprehensive Eye Tests near Kirrawee

For your eye test needs near Kirrawee, IC Optometrist is the ultimate professional hub to turn to. We believe your eye check-ups should be a comfortable and comprehensive experience. We employ state-of-the-art technology and carry out detailed assessments to detect potential issues associated with vision. Our eye tests aim to identify not just your vision problems but also eye conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy.


One of the impressive pieces of technology that we have incorporated into our workflow is the OCT machine. This instrument offers us a thorough view of your retina, helping us detect early signs of many serious eye disorders that might not show any symptoms initially. We also employ the DNEYE scanner, an innovative device that precisely measures the unique characteristics of your eyes to provide lenses that are entirely customised for you.


Our optometrists provide expert consultation and advice post your test, helping you understand the health of your eyes and what you can do to take care of them better.

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Addressing Dry Eye Issues near Kirrawee

Among the array of eye care services we offer near Kirrawee, our treatment for dry eyes stands out for its effectiveness. Dry eyes can cause extreme discomfort, interfering with daily activities and causing symptoms such as itching, burning, redness and intermittent blurriness. It can stem from various environmental and lifestyle factors, and we approach its treatment holistically.


Firstly, our optometrists understand your eye care history and your lifestyle habits that may be contributing to your symptoms. Following this, we advise on dietary changes, identify environmental triggers to avoid, and offer treatments including over-the-counter artificial tears, prescription eye drops, or even specific procedures, as your condition requires.


Whether it's the changing weather, or extended screen time that's causing your dry eyes, remember that our optometrists can tailor a solution precisely for your individual needs.

Why choose IC Optometrist near Kirrawee?

Choosing IC Optometrist as your preferred optometric facility near Kirrawee comes with many advantages:


  • AHPRA qualified optometrists

  • Thorough eye examinations employing the latest technologies

  • Personalised lens recommendations to suit your specific visual requirements

  • Spectacle repair and maintenance services

  • Membership with Optometry Australia, assuring you of the highest standards of vision care

  • Excellent customer service and a comfortable environment for consultations

  • Convenient appointment booking online

  • Easy access with ample parking available


Beyond these, our commitment to staying in line with the latest research in eye health through continuous professional development ensures that we can offer you the most current and effective treatment modalities available.

OCt imaging

Glasses, Contact Lenses and other Services

In addition to eye exams and dry eye treatments, we offer a range of optical services such as providing glasses and contact lenses. We understand that these need to be comfortable for everyday use, as well as trendy and in line with your personal style.


Have an old pair of glasses in need of fixing? Our in-house repair services can help you with that too. Need some advice on taking care of your eyes? Our optometrists are here to share informative tips and habits you can inculcate for maintaining optimal eye health.

Get in touch with us

Experience comprehensive eye care at IC Optometrist near Kirrawee today. Book an appointment easily via our online system or give us a call on 02 9526 1819. We look forward to helping you maintain excellent eye health and achieve clearer vision.

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