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DNEye Scanner
by Rodenstock

Individualised lenses with the revolutionary
DNEye® eye measurement

Experience the revolutionary eyesight test with the Rodenstock DNEye® Scanner.
Unique in the world with more than 7,000 measurement points transferred into your individual lens.
The only way to experience perfect vision.

Topographer and DNEye scanner

DNEye Measurements are taken

The DNEye® Scanner takes a detailed 3D measurement of your eyes using thousands of data points.

This scan allows us to not only determine your individual eye length, but also provides us with biometric parameters such as individual lower and higher-order aberrations along with your individual pupil size both at near and far. The scan also determines the eyes reaction to different light conditions and the individual corneal topography, as well as the individual anterior chamber’s depth.

Topographer and DNEye scanner

Creating a Biometric Model


The data from the DNEye® Scan is then used to create a unique biometric eye model. This biometric eye model takes into consideration eye length, corneal power and thickness, anterior chamber depth, pupil size in photopic and mesopic light conditions, crystalline lens power and vitreous chamber depth.

Based on this model, we can tailor make a lens that matches each eye to the micrometre.

customised lens

Creating a customised lens


All of your precise measurements are transferred to Rodenstock along with specific frame measurements to design a perfectly tailored lens for your new glasses. 

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