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BlephEx® and Blepharitis – your path to clearer eyes.

Blepharitis is a common eye condition that affects millions of people across the world. It presents as irritated, inflamed and crusty eyelids. It is one of the biggest causes of Dry Eye Disease. In recent years, we have seen a promising solution in the form of BlephEx®.

Top eyelid: blepharitis, reddened lid margins, with bacterial biofilm, bacteria and exotoxins which form a crust between the eyelashes. This causes subsequent inflamed and blocked meibomian glands as shown by the white dots along the eyelid margin with a chalazion internally. Bottom eyelid: normal eyelid

How does the BlephEx® work?

BlephEx® is an in-office procedure providing targeted, mechanical exfoliation of the eyelid margins, removing bacteria, biofilm and inflammatory exotoxins. Using their patented medical grade micro-sponge, BlephEx® gently scrubs the lid margins at the base of the eyelashes to promote a healthier, more hygienic and less inflamed eyelid environment.

BlephEx® is a painless in-office procedure performed by your optometrist. This procedure involves a patented BlephEx® handpiece to precisely spin a soft medical grade micro-sponge along the edge of your eyelids and lashes.

As blepharitis is a chronic condition that has built up over a number of years, BlephEx® works to remove those years of accumulated bacterial biofilm - much like how your dentist removes accumulated dental plaque (a form of biofilm). Once the biofilm is removed, your eyelids are cleaner and healthier as the pro-inflammatory cause is removed. A healthy eyelid is critical for normal tear production.

Here at IC Optometrist, we use the patented disposable micro-sponges and a fresh clean one is used for each eye. The eyes are then rinsed well afterwards.

The procedure takes around 6 to 8 minutes. We will anesthetise the eye with an eye drop beforehand and most patients simply report a tickling sensation, you will not experience any pain.

See here for a video on how BlephEx® is performed:

The BlephEx® procedure will not impact your vision negatively afterwards; you may resume normal activities right away. Home cleaning regimes should continue, much like brushing your teeth daily maintains their regular cleanliness, BlephEx® will provide a deeper cleanse at regular intervals. It is recommended to repeat BlephEx® treatment every 4-6 months or as determined by your optometrist.

The sooner in life that BlephEx® is begun as a routine element of eye care, the better the long-term results.

Treat your eyelids early, and treat often.

While BlephEx® is a promising solution for those struggling to keep their blepharitis under control, it is still important to have a consultation with your optometrist for any concurrent eyelid disease, your overall eye health, as well as to determine the severity of your blepharitis to see if this is right for you. Come see us at IC optometrist today for a customised treatment plan.

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